Christopher Engman

CRO & CMO of Climeon

Christopher has domain expertise around Mega Deals coming from…

  • ▸ an ongoing “nerding”​ in the topic in general but more specifically from
  • ▸ running Vendemore where he advised and ran marketing around the biggest deals in the world for over 150 of the 2000 largest companies.
  • ▸ he also had a great learning of mega deals from working as a CIO of a large retailer where you often buy very large solutions and outsourcing concepts.
  • ▸ Climeon does large deals in the cleantech space and
  • ▸ he speaks about mega deals at sales and marketing conferences around the world.

Christopher’s management and strategy philosophies are based on his own successes and mistakes, influenced from others and a few books such as Inside the Tornado, Good to Great and Great by Choice.