On Demand Sessions




8:30am ET | 5:30am PT

Mark Organ

Founder & CEO, Influitive

Advocate Marketing 3.0: Get Your Customers to Power Your Enterprise

Opening Keynote

9:15am ET | 6:15am PT

Brian Solis

Speaker and Author

X: The Experience When CX, BX, UX and SX Meets Design

Opening Keynote

9:40am ET | 6:40am PT

Amy Bills

Research Director, SiriusDecisions

More than the Endgame: Activating Advocates throughout the Customer Journey

10:40am ET | 7:40am PT

Jason Rushforth

VP & General Manager of Customer Experience, Infor

Advocacy Marketing & Driving Revenue

11:05am ET | 8:05am PT

Nicole Dingley

Vice President, Customer Success, Wiley

The Trust Multiplier: Using Trust in Advocacy to Drive Exponential Growth

11:30am ET | 8:30am PT

Sarah Terrelonge

Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Ceridian

Colleen Gauthier

Director of Customer Marketing, Ceridian

We Win When They Win: Customer-Powered Transformation at Ceridian

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

April Dunford

Founder, Rocket Launch Marketing

Meaningful Context – Achieving Breakthrough Growth in Noisy Markets

1:25pm ET | 10:25am PT

Jeff Gabel

Customer Advocacy Manager, Quick Base

Serving up Hospitality in Advocacy Marketing

1:50pm ET | 10:50am PT

Daniel Lemin

Co-Founder of Selectivor Speaker & Author

Talk Triggers: How You Get More Customers For Free

2:15pm ET | 11:15am PT

Sarah Schreiner

Senior Strategy Analyst, Client Experience, ADP

How to use Advocacy to Drive a Customer-Powered Enterprise

3:15pm ET | 12:15pm PT

Cristina Melluzzi

Head of Customer Advocacy, CISCO Systems

Alpa Mehta

Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, CISCO Systems

Top of the AdvoCharts!

3:40pm ET | 12:40pm PT

Ashley Greene

Founder & CEO, Instratify

Customer Empathy: The 21st Century Competitive Advantage No One Is Talking About

4:05pm ET | 1:05pm PT

Don Peppers

Founding Partner, Best-Selling Author

Three Ingredients of a Customer-Powered Business: Trust, Empathy, and Connection
Closing Keynote

5:00pm ET | 2:00pm PT


Best Advocate Marketing Awards Ceremony




9:40am ET | 6:40am PT

Amy Rosenberg

Manager, Field Marketing, Namely

We’re In This Together: How YOU Can Make Your Company Customer-Obsessed

10:40am ET | 7:40am PT

Martyn Etherington

Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata

New Teradata

11:30am ET | 8:30am PT

Ashley Benisatto

Communications Manager, People Engagement, Marketo

Engagement Starts with Employees

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

Bridget Heaton

Customer Marketing Manager, Schoology

Value, Value, Value: The Customer Marketer Mantra

1:25pm ET | 10:25am PT

Nick Venturella

Customer Engagement Operations Manager, Ceridian

Why Customer Powered Growth Strategies Win

1:50pm ET | 10:50am PT

Irwin Hipsman

Director of CS & Advocacy, Crimson Hexagon

A Real Life Story: Crisis Management and Advocacy

3:15pm ET | 12:15pm PT

Ray Lau

Director of Customer Marketing, PowerDMS

Amy Dinsmore

Director, Corporate Communications, PowerDMS

Public Relations and Advocacy: Amplifying Your Customer’s Voice To Reach The Masses




9:40am ET | 6:40am PT

Jeanne Bliss

Speaker & Author, CX Coach

Would You do That to Your Mother?

10:40am ET | 7:40am PT

Ellie Wu

Senior Director of CS, SAP Concur

Day One Advocacy: Designing Moments for Customer Champions from the Start

11:05am ET | 8:05am PT

Carol Meyers

CMO, Rapid7

10 Tips to Ignite Your Customer-First Career

11:30am ET | 8:30am PT

Deena Zenyk

Principal Consultant & Author

VSEM: Building on a Strong Foundation

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

Lindsey Erlick

Senior Manager, Student Advocacy & Marketing, Pearson

Making Lemonade: Think Like Beyonce and Make the Most of Customer Feedback

1:50pm ET | 10:50am PT

Laura Olson

Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, Customer Advocacy & Evidence, Docusign

Empowering Your Advocate Community to Make an Impact on Your Business

2:15pm ET | 11:15am PT

Emily Lorimer

Community Director, Tobii Dynavox

Getting Started with Advocacy Marketing – The Tobii Dynavox Journey

3:40pm ET | 12:40pm PT

Jill Rowley

Chief Growth Officer, Marketo





9:40am ET | 6:40am PT

Matt Heinz

President & Founder of Heinz Marketing

You Don’t Need Customers to get Referrals

11:05am ET | 8:05am PT

Christopher Engman

Christopher Engman
CRO & CMO, Climeon

Mega Deals

1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

Annette Ochoa

Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Indeni

Generate Sales-Ready Opportunities with Strategic Gamification

1:25pm ET | 10:25am PT

Laura Bowers, Lisa Kaspari, and Paige Mummert


Integrating & Maximizing Customer Advocacy in the Sales Process

2:15pm ET | 11:15am PT

Jon Miller

CEO & Co-Founder, Engagio

Account Based Marketing 101

3:15pm ET | 12:15pm PT

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus, Author

The Authenticity Curve – How to Engage your Customer and Future Customers, Better

3:40pm ET | 12:40pm PT

Matt Ley

President and Co-Founder, The Streaming Network

What Makes a Successful Virtual Event




10:40am ET | 7:40am PT

Eyal Danon

President, Ignite Advisory Group

How a Well-Run Customer Advisory Board Can Help Your Company Collect Corporate and Product Feedback to Expand Revenue

11:05am ET | 8:05am PT

Brad Schauf

CTO & Executive Architect, IBM Collaboration Services and Support

Libby Ingrassia

Senior WW Program Manager, IBM Champions

Driving the IBM Customer Journey through Advocacy

1:25pm ET | 10:25am PT

Gibson Biddle

Former VP Product, Netflix

Customer Obsession: How to Satisfy Inherently Unsatisfiable Customers

1:50pm ET | 10:50am PT

Sruthi Kumar

Global Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Alana Merdzan

Customer Marketing Specialist, Uberflip

Advocacy Begins With Onboarding

3:15pm ET | 12:15pm PT

Anthony Kennada

CMO, Gainsight

Why the Future of B2B Marketing is Human First

3:40pm ET | 12:40pm PT

Matt Thelen

Director of Strategy, Research & Insights, SendGrid

Leveraging Influitive to Drive Customer Research