Nicole Dingley

Vice President, Customer Success, Wiley

People crave connection—with their peers, with their communities, with the companies they admire. Connection allows us to confirm our own efforts and envision new ways of doing things. At its heart, connection engenders success.

And that is what I do as Wiley’s Vice President of Customer Success. I use my talent of inspiring others coupled with my leadership and communication skills to drive sustained customer satisfaction and retention. In my role, I lead a team of 30 colleagues to connect with our customers on a meaningful level so that they might achieve their goals with our digital products. This involves creating training and onboarding programs which meet our customers where they are. It requires fostering a customer advocacy community where customers can connect, collaborate, and share. It means using data-driven insights to offer dedicated implementation, coaching, and support. It demands rerouting our plans when a customer has a smarter vision for our product. And it insists on fostering a culture founded on the belief that– when customers complain– it’s just because they want us to be BETTER.

The objective of my work is singular. I am focused on creating an organic culture of customer-driven of retention where where revenue growth is a natural byproduct. Wiley is a family-owned company, founded when Thomas Jefferson was president. We’ve survived for more than two centuries because we consider our customers to be a part of that family. The roots of our connections are deep, and my team is here to sustain them.