Mark Organ

Founder & CEO of Influitive, Author

Mark is an entrepreneurial go-to-market specialist; a CEO with a focus on sales, marketing and business development. His greatest professional passions include creating new billion dollar categories in technology and developing new leaders.

Mark has founded 6 companies, raised more than 15 rounds of financing, hired over 250 people, built 7 offices around the world, and helped a lot of people realize their dreams.

The ideas he is most excited about these days include the role of advocacy in creating the most successful companies; Holacracy – radical empowerment, pushing decision-making to the edges of the company; how category creators should market and innovate differently from category entrants.

My specialties: Creating cultures that are a competitive advantage, recruiting talent, strategic alliances, corporate finance, sales compensation design, positioning, lead generation, product management, big deal sales, learning organizations..