Advocate for Toronto

Disclaimer: Drake may or may not actually be coming to Advocamp. But we just might be able to persuade him to make an appearance—with your help!

We all know that Drake has been a long-standing advocate for Toronto. In fact, he has singlehandedly generated $8.8 billion in tourism for the T dot by making this city known on the world stage. And just like Drake, we’re big fans of this city. In fact, Influitive was founded in this iconic Canadian location, and is still headquartered here today.

While it may be a long shot to get Drake to Advocamp, we like to believe that anything is possible. So let’s be boldly adventurous, and invite one of the biggest Toronto advocates we know. Game to help us? Here’s how!

1. Print out this sign and take a picture with it
2. Share your picture on social with the hashtag #GetDrakeToAdvocamp (and be sure to tag him!)

Download #GetDrakeToAdvocamp Sign