Deena Zenyk

Principal Consultant & Author

Deena is a Principal Strategic Consultant and founder of the boutique marketing agency Compass CX. With more than 12 years of hands-on experience in advocate marketing and customer engagement, she is often referred to as a world-leading expert and pioneer in advocate marketing theory and practice.

Deena is a former journalist (Bachelor of Applied Journalism, Hons. 2003) and academic (MA Comms, 2007) who spent several years researching one of the cornerstones of advocate marketing: social capital theory. Her guiding professional principle is to make leading-edge marketing philosophies and practices accessible and actionable for the everyday marketer. In pursuit of that goal, in 2017 Deena co-authored the Amazon best-selling advocate marketing book, The Messenger is the Message, with Influitive CEO and founder, Mark Organ.

Deena brings an exceptional breadth and depth of expertise and experience to her clients, and the many workshops and conferences sessions she hosts.