Bridget Heaton

Customer Marketing Manager, Schoology

Coming from a background of non-profit program management and with 4 years of community, advocacy, and social media experience, Bridget is passionate about building community and helping people to make a difference. Most recently, Bridget has become the first-ever Customer Marketing Manager at Schoology, where she is working to implement a customer journey program to aid in client success. Previously she held the roles of Social and Advocacy Manager and Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Schoology. In these roles, she found success creating Advocacy Marketing programs to engage clients—leveraging their voices and experiences to tell the story of the brand and promote it to potential new users. In these roles, she managed the overall strategy and operations of social media and community programs—helping to conceptualize and implement both the Schoology Ambassador Program and the Schoology Champions Program.

Some Fun Facts: Bridget loves any excuse to travel and experience something new—she used to help administer student and teacher exchange programs for the Department of State. She also played ice hockey for about 20 years and is looking for a place to pick it up again in NYC.