Ashley Benisatto

Communications Manager, People Engagement, Marketo

On a typical work day at Marketo you can find Ashley developing and implementing engagement strategies with employees, helping them to feel better connected to our mission and vision.

Ashley loves that she has the ability to develop creative ideas with a variety of departments, cultures, and locations. With her cross-functional access, she’s able to understand the employee journey in a very unique way.

Ashley’s currently running a pilot, digital mentoring program. There was a need and with the technology she has it available, she’s able rollout and develop a mentorship program that spans throughout all our locations.

Ashley is a public relations enthusiast with the employee story always at the top of mind. You can see her at her best when there’s a puzzle to untangle and solve. She loves developing creative and unique solutions for those mind benders.

Working at Marketo is unlike any other company. At times you may feel like you’re being pushed out of your comfort zone, but that’s because the management believes in you and wants to see employees grow.