Schedule 2017

Camp Itinerary

After you attend Advocamp, you’ll never want to sit through another boring conference session or painful panel discussion again. Over three days, campers will be treated to hands-on workshops, inspiring keynotes, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and 40+ action-packed AMP Talks.



-Market Street Foyer-


Education Workshops

Track One | Seacliff Room

Liz Richardson

Advocate Marketing Expert Series


Learn the framework for transforming customers into advocates: Discover, Nurture, Mobilize.

Track Two | Bayview Room

Introduction to Advocate Marketing (part 1)

Kaitlin Ross

Learn what it takes to run an engaging and successful advocate marketing program in any type of organization.


Training Break


Education Workshops 2

Track One | Seacliff Room

Advocate Marketing Expert Series


Uncover the hidden value of your advocacy program by learning to use the power of campaign-based planning.

Track Two | Bayview Room

Introduction to Advocate Marketing (part 2)

Kaitlin Ross

Learn what it takes to run an engaging and successful advocate marketing program in any type of organization.


Lunch Break

-Pacific Concourse-



-Main Auditorium-



Mark Organ
CEO of Influitive
-Main Auditorium-

The Messenger Is The Message: The Next Level Of Advocate Marketing

What if the people most important to your business worked outside of your company? In his keynote, Mark Organ, Influitive CEO and Founder, introduces the “Advocate Marketing 2.0" framework for mobilizing an army of advocates to help solve challenges in every area of your organization—including product development, customer success and PR.


AMP Talk

Aaron Painter
-Main Auditorium-

Listen to Win: Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era

Listening actively to your customers shows you respect their opinions, and that feeling of being understood is the gateway to earning trust and building long-lasting relationships. In this session, customer experience professionals will learn the secrets to better listening and how new technologies can help them increase loyalty—and achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.


AMP Talk

April Dunford
-Main Auditorium-

Obviously Awesome: Using Context to Take your Product from “What?” to “Wow!”

Our customers are drowning in a sea of innovative new products they struggle to understand. We often have only seconds to answer the most fundamental questions customers have about our products: What the heck is this and why should I care? In this talk you'll learn how context can make the value of your products obvious to customers. You will learn how to build a frame of reference that puts the strengths of your offering into crisp focus in even the noisiest of markets.


Networking Break


AMP Talk

Sean Ellis
-Main Auditorium-

Unlocking Advocacy With Effective Customer Onboarding

Today’s fastest growing companies are obsessed with delivering a great customer experience before new users give up on a service. This requires unprecedented cross-functional cooperation. In this presentation, Sean will explain how companies can break through organizational inertia to focus on faster and better value delivery to new customers—who are then primed to become raving fans and advocates. 


AMP Talk

Daniel Lemin
-Main Auditorium-

FIRE UP YOUR FANS: The Daily Habit That Catapults Your Business

In this talk, speaker and digital marketing advisor Daniel Lemin explores how consumer psychology can help you garner the reviews your brand deserves simply by focusing on the few things that matter most to consumers, and asking them the right questions. The answer is really quite simple, and when you discover why you'll be filled with energy to put it to use in your business.


AMP Talk

Jon Wuebben
-Main Auditorium-

The Prosumer Age Is Here: How to Tap Into The Hidden Power Of Your Producer/Consumers

In this session, Jon shows how user-generated content can help other users through their purchasing decisions, on to adoption, and then to developing and sharing deep expertise. And then how that user or ""Prosumer"" generated-content can be used effectively to reach new prospects and audiences. This isn't a session about getting users to create content on your behalf; its about giving your Prosumer customers an actual seat at the table for your marketing planning and execution.


Sponsor Reception

-Camp HQ-

Join us in Camp HQ (the main exhibitor hall) for a few brews around the campfire.

Advocamp Activities


Get inspired by innovative thought leaders who challenge the status quo with their unique perspectives on and predictions for the future of business.

Amp Talks

Learn actionable advice and proven best practices for developing and mobilizing advocates in short, high-impact sessions by practitioners and leaders.

Education Workshops

Participate in a number of in-depth strategy and technology workshops to build the skills you need to have a real impact on the customer experience at your organization.

Advocamp After Dark

Celebrate a successful day of learning, sharing and networking at the hottest party in town. Remember: Stay hydrated and, whatever you do, don’t feed the bears!

Nadia Hogg

Joseph Jaffe

Marketing Consultant


Jay Baer is a renowned business strategist, keynote speaker and the New York Times best­selling author of four books who travels the world helping business people get and keep more customers. Jay has advised with more than 700 companies since 1994, including Caterpillar, Nike, Allstate, and 31 of the FORTUNE 500. He is the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies gain and keep more customers through the smart intersection of technology, social media, and customer service. His Convince & Convert Media division owns the world’s #1 content marketing blog, multiple podcasts, and many other education resources for business owners and executives. The creator of five multi­million dollar companies, is also an active venture capitalist and technology advisor, as well as an avid tequila collector.