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Advocamp is available to you, wherever you pitch your tent!

Advocamp is the only conference in the world that celebrates the culture of customer love and advocacy while also providing the tools you need to transform your customer obsession into a defined business strategy that drives results.

This year, the entire Advocamp Field Day experience is available On Demand: over 20 hours of video content and access to exclusive discussion forums to connect with our speakers and other attendees.

Welcome to Advocamp Field Day!

- From Head Counselor Buck


Instant access to deep expertise on customer engagement and advocacy is available with an Advocamp On-Demand pass. Video replays and discussion forums for each session are included. Interviews with selected speakers and the full BAMMIES awards presentation are also part of the package.

Free Sessions

With over 50 speakers, Advocamp Field Day offers a huge variety of expert perspectives on customer experience, engagement, and advocacy. As a free sneak peek, we’re offering the keynote from our Founder and CEO, Mark Organ, plus these awesome “AMP Shots” without an event registration. Shorter than our traditional “AMP Talks,” these are quick videos with great ideas. If you’d like to continue learning by diving into all the Advocamp content, register below for on-demand access.

Jay Baer

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Nir Eyal

Bestselling Author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”

Randy Frisch

Co-Founder, CMO & President at Uberflip

Tedde van Geldersen

President at Akendi

Todd Olson

CEO / Founder at Pendo

Kevyn Klein

Head of Community & Growth, US, VIPKID

Additional Advocamp Field Day Speakers

Brian Solis
Speaker & Author
Don Peppers
Founding Partner & Best-Selling Author
Jeanne Bliss
Speaker & Author, CX Coach
April Dunford
Founder, Rocket Launch Marketing
Amy Bills
Research Director, SiriusDecisions          
Christopher Engman
CRO & CMO of Climeon
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product, Netflix
Daniel Lemin
Co-Founder of Selectivor Speaker & Author
Anthony Kennada
CMO, Gainsight
Sangram Vajre
Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus, Author
Carol Meyers
CMO, Rapid7
Jill Rowley
Chief Growth Officer, Marketo


Purchase your ticket now for on-demand access!

  • Advocamp is a great opportunity to learn more from advocacy evangelists from around the world. You can watch multiple sessions with leading experts at the same time. But what I liked the most is the way the online hub is structured. It gives you the feeling that you are in full control of your event experience. 
    Etien Yanev
    Head of Advocacy Marketing, Unify
  • “The online experience was great! I’m excited to go back and watch more sessions on demand and participate in forums. I really love Advocamp and I’m coming away inspired and full of new ideas!”
    Kathleen Orazio
    Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Viewpoint
  • Incredibly well-run. The group of people was amazing!
    Kate Riley
    Advocacy Marketing Coordinator, Participate

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